For as long as I can remember, books and stories have had a huge place in my life, especially my own stories. I’ve been writing since I was about seven years old, and today, I write and publish romance books under the pen name Nellie C. Lind.

I was born in Poland on May 29th, 1980 during difficult times. My mother told me she used to queue for hours for food, just to end up with bread that contained sand. Food was scarce and everything was on stamps. In 1985, I came to Sweden with my mother and younger brother.

Today, I live in Stockholm with my teenage son, our cat Cici, and dog Shanti. I run the publishing house Sense of Romance since 2013 and I’ve been self-publishing since then, not full-time though because it wasn’t possible until now.

I’ve been in the publishing business one way or another over the years. Today, I work as a broker for a Polish printing house called Booksfactory. I take care of the Swedish market, but Booksfactory is available in many countries.

I’ve also worked as a graphic designer for several years. I’ve created book covers for publishing houses here in Sweden, but it’s not something I do on a regular basis anymore. It was starting to take too much of my time, and graphic design wasn’t the direction I wanted to go.

My dream is to turn my writing into a full-time job, and I’m working hard to fulfill that dream. This blog is a great addition for me where I share my love for books, writing, self-publishing, blogging, and a lot more!

A few facts about me:

  • I’m fluent in three languages; Swedish, Polish, and English. I’m also interested in studying Korean because I’ve always wanted to be fluent in at least one more language and because I have a huge interest in the Asian culture.
  • I went to beauty school, and once the education was over, I started my own beauty salon that I ran for four years.
  • I love music! I always need to have music on when I’m working, and I also love to sing, but no one will ever hear me sing because I’m way too introverted for that!
  • I spent about one year learning how to write in English before I published my first book in English. Before that, I wrote in Swedish. I read a lot, studied expressions, and grammar. It was a huge headache, but so worth it!

You can connect with me on Facebook and Instagram. You can also send me an email at blog(at)sense-of-romance.com.