She didn’t ask to be abducted.
She didn’t ask to be torn away from her simple, happy life on Earth.
She didn’t ask to become a pet to a powerful alien merchant.

Abella hasn’t allowed four years of slavery to break her spirit, but after numerous failed escape attempts, the chances of making it home to her family seem bleak. That is until she shares a passionate, forbidden dance with a silent stranger. His piercing silvery eyes haunt her with a taste of hope. 

Intense, mysterious, and deadly, Tenthil may be the key to Abella’s freedom. But as she finds herself increasingly drawn to him, she realizes the truth —Tenthil has no intention of taking her home. 

Will he be her salvation, or will she trade one master for another?

Tiffany Roberts is the pen name for Tiffany and Robert Freund, two authors that create books together. That alone is truly amazing! I’ve read several books by Tiffany Roberts, and I’ve found them different and unique, difficult to put down.

But when they announced Silent Lucidity, I was a little bit surprised because the blurb sounded like so many other alien books out there. It didn’t sound like the uniqueness I was used to from Tiffany Roberts. I thought this was going to be another “girl-gets-kidnapped-by-aliens-story”, and I worried that after reading it, I would feel like I’ve read it before.

That was one reason why I hesitated to read this book, but the deeper I got into it, the more I realized I was wrong. Despite the similar theme to many other alien stories, this one stood out in the sea of books on Amazon.


When the story starts XXX has already been kidnapped for four years.


I absolutely love the cover! One of the best I’ve seen lately. I’m definitely going to get this book in print just because of that reason, even though I already have the ebook.


Silent Lucidity is book one in the science fiction romance series The Infinite City. It’s not a book for younger readers since it contains both voilence and sex scenes.

Very detailed fights, sometimes too detailed which makes me lose interest.

The world building was amazing, a detailed description of the people, all the beings that dwell in it, and more. In the beginning it was a little bit too much information at the same time. It would’ve been easier to follow if it was more out-spread.

The beginning is filled with information, makes it hard to follow, but once the characters come together, things take off, and my interest is peaked. Every step Tenthil took was described, and after a while, it became a little bit too much for me and I found myself skipping, but if you’re a fan of detailed descriptions, then this book will be a great addition to your library.

The story, on the other hand, I find intriging. I can really experience and feel what kind of person Tenthril is thanks to Tiffany Roberts awesome presentation of him. He barely uses words, instead he uses his body language, and the way Tiffany brings it forward makes me really enjoy every single sentence.