It’s time for another FairyLoot unboxing!

What are the chances that two boxes in a row contain books I’ve wanted to read? I’d say they are rather slim, and yet, it happened!

The June box contained Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson, a book I was planning to buy … until it appeared in the FairyLoot box – a box I wasn’t too enthusiastic about because of the theme, until I opened it.

And in this box, I got another book I was planning to buy! Yay!

Let’s take a look at what was inside.


Top image:
Things that are always included – the Fairyscoop, an author letter (to the left), a spoiler card (to the right), and a bookmark with the same picture as the spoiler card.

Second image:
Since December last year, FairyLoot has been adding tarot cards in their boxes, and this time, we have two more characters from the Harry Potter series. I think it’s Ron Wesley or one of his brothers, and I’m so, so sorry, but I can’t remember the girl’s name. *Hides in a corner*.


Next, we have some fun stuff like a necklace, a mug rug, a purse, and a pin banner. My absolute favorite is the pin banner. I mean, look at it! Isn’t it beautiful? It will definitely go up on my wall and will come to good use. The mug rug as well. I will probably use it when I drink my morning tea. (No coffee for me!)


A fortune cookie was also included. On my note, it said: “The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true”, – by Leigh Bardugo from Six of Crows.

Unfortunately, I haven’t read that book, and unfortunately, I can’t eat the fortune cookie either because it’s made from wheat, but I took a small, small bite. It tasted burned … ugh … Talk about tough luck.


It’s not the easiest to take pictures of a scarf since it’s big but I did the best I could. It’s filled with images of book cover spines.

It was included in a previous box, but there was a mistake on the old one, so they ordered new ones and added them to this box.

It’s not the most beautiful scarf, but the material is so soft and feels great against my sensitive skin.


I don’t know why, but I love mugs. This one has an old-fashioned style with the characters from the Shadowhunter saga on it. It’s pretty and will come to good use.

The image on the candle is beautiful, but the smell … I can’t decide if I love it, or hate it. It says it’s a mix of cotton, cinnamon, and vanilla, and I have to agree on that, but I’m not sure the combination was that successful.

Doesn’t matter! It will join the other candles on my bookshelf.


The book was a huge surprise for me. I was planning on buying it because I’ve been interested in Asian culture for many years, especially the Korean culture.

I’m a huge fan of K-dramas and I enjoy K-pop music. Their skincare is awesome, and as a former skin therapist, I try everything I can get my hands on.

All that made me super interested in the book.

The book is Wicked Fox by Kat Cho and it’s filled with Korean mythology and Korean characters. Apparently, it’s perfect for K-drama fans.

The book itself is stunning with pink sprayed edges, a soft touch cover, and varnished title. The colors are amazing and it’s appealing to the eye. I could stare at it for hours!

The book was a perfect ending to the July box!

Are you subscribed to FairyLoot? What did you think about this box? Let me know in the comments below!

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