War by Laura Thalasa
War by Laura Thalassa

They came to earth—Pestilence, War, Famine, Death—four horsemen riding their screaming steeds, racing to the corners of the world. Four horsemen with the power to destroy all of humanity. They came to earth, and they came to end us all. 

The day Jerusalem falls, Miriam Elmahdy knows her life is over. Houses are burning, the streets run red with blood, and a traitorous army is massacring every last resident. There is no surviving this, especially not once Miriam catches the eye of War himself. But when the massive and terrifying horseman corners Miriam, he calls her his wife, and instead of killing her, he takes her back to his camp. 

Now Miriam faces a terrifying future, one where she watches her world burn town by town, and the one man responsible for it all is her seemingly indestructible “husband”. But there’s another side to him, one that’s gentle and loving and dead set on winning her over, and she might not be strong enough to resist. 

However, if there’s one thing Miriam has learned, it’s that love and war cannot coexist. And so she must make the ultimate choice: surrender to War and watch humankind fall, or sacrifice everything and stop him.

Where do I even start with this one? Maybe by saying War by Laura Thalassa was this year’s most anticipated book for me, and did it disappoint? Not one bit! If it hadn’t been for my daily responsibilities, I would’ve read it in one go, and now, I can’t wait for the third book – Famine. It’s going to be a long wait, but let’s start with taking a look at War.

War by Laura Thalassa

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Miriam lives in Jerusalem. Her family died several years ago, but she gets by, creating arrows and weapons. The world has become a dangerous place since the horsemen appeared, and Miriam can only rely on herself.

Then War and his army invade the city, and when Miriam gets the chance to take him out, she takes it, only to end up as his wife, at least according to War.


I wasn’t too happy about the new cover for Pestilence, but to my understanding, there were some issues with the first cover that I loved very much. The cover for War stays true to the theme, and I like this one a lot more! The model fits the image I have of War.


This is one of those books I’m going to read over and over again. I’ve no idea how many times I’ve read Pestilence by now, but War will soon join that count.

I honestly have a hard time figuring out where to start this review. The book was simply a masterpiece. One of those books I will probably remember for life.

Cover War

The story is an emotional rollercoaster. One moment, I’m almost crying, another moment I’m tense and read the pages with wide eyes, only to be laughing a few pages later.

I drowned in the story and had a hard time leaving it after finishing it. The book left a huge impact, and that is exactly what I want to feel after finishing the final sentence. That complete feeling of satisfaction after hours and hours of reading.

Laura has an amazing writing style, easy to follow, and easy to love. She paints the world, makes it come alive, with perfect word choices.

The characters have a deep to them and are likable. I also find their actions logical and personalities realistic. They are both stubborn and know what they want.

Miriam is strong and a survivor. War is the warlord he’s supposed to be. Laura succeeded in giving the characters life.

The only thing I found to remark on was the two missing periods that I managed to stumble upon, and that’s about it. In other words, there was nothing to remark on.

If you haven’t read this one yet … what are you waiting for?! You don’t want to miss this one.

According to Laura, the third book, Famine, will be out next year. I can’t wait to find out where the book will take place. I’m hoping somewhere in Europe or Asia. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!



Anyone who loves a good and stubborn love story between a human woman and one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse! This story has it all. Romance, action, drama, and sex.

Please note this book also contains violence and death, and therefore might not be suitable for everyone.


Five stars


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Pestilence by Laura Thalassa


Laura Thalassa is a successful Young Adult and New Adult author. Apart from the books about the horsemen, she has also written the Bargainer series, and The Fallen World series, and more.

She lives with her family in Santa Barbara, California.


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