The question if you should blog or not as an author is a controversial one. Some people will tell you it’s a waste of time, others will tell you that it’s not. It can be very confusing, but in the end, the decision is yours. I thought I’d give you a few reasons to why you should blog and how it can help your author career.


If done right, blogging can be a great way to earn extra money. It’s not unheard of, and not impossible, to make $ 1000-2000/month, but it requires hard work and patience, and if you already have a reader audience, you can share your blog with them


You’ve probably heard people say you’ll be wasting your time if you start blogging, that you should focus on your writing instead. If you really want to start blogging, if it feels like the right path for you, this can be dishearting to hear, and it might even make you decide not to start blogging.

But you shouldn’t allow this to affect you. If blogging is something you want to do, then go for it. There are many authors out there who do it, or they have something else besides their author career.

Mark Dawson has his courses and podcasting, Nick Stephensen has his courses and blog, Sarra Cannon runs a YouTube channel and creates courses, Cynthia Sax and Cara Bistrol have their blogs, and so on.

Don’t view blogging as something that wastes your time. See it instead as an investment. If you’re serious about it, if you’re stubborn enough, you can create something extra for your readers.


Blogging can be a great way to connect with your readers on a deeper level. Readers can get to know more about the person behind your author name and see that it is a real person behind it, and not someone who just uses the author platform as a way to make money.

A mailing list is a must-have for authors, but it’s usually a one-way-communication. It happens that readers reply to the emails you send out

Don’t do it unless you’re serious about it. If not, it’s a waist of time.


Is blogging as an author necessary? There are many reasons as to why an author should not start a blog, for instance, it takes your time. Create website, drive it, and so on. Time consuming, but there’s always two side of the story. Other authors does it, Nick does it, Mark does it? Check. Cara Bistrol. Sarra Canon.


Contact with other authors

A completement to your writing. Something extra.

Extra income. What if Amazon shuts down your account? There’s no risk it would happen with a blog if you own it on WordPress.

Do something else. Let your mind rest from writing your book. Write something else.

Grow closer to your audience. Allow them to see you outside the sphear of your books. Make you more “real”. Connect on a deeper level with your audience.

You can use for blog to deepen the interest for your book.

Share news with your audience. Explain easier.

Share your knowledge.

You get to write!

It doesn’t have to cost you anything (if you choose that road).

Is blogging for you? This is a question only you can answer, but if you’re just starting out your writing journey, then blogging might be not neccessary, at least not right now. Wait until your author platform is up and running. Focus on one thing at the time. Then start.


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